Trial & Error

I’ve always been indecisive and I probably always will be!

I had an image in my head that my 2019 bullet journal would be pretty and neat and consistent. We’re only 3 weeks into the year and boy, was I wrong!

I guess I have commitment issues when it comes to my spreads. I love trying out different styles and seeing what works for me best. So yeah, it’s anything but consistent. But I’m okay with that. Afterall, isn’t that what it’s all about? Doing what suits and letting that creative streak flow?! Yeah, I like it this way 🙂

So, here’s this current week’s spread and next week’s. I love them both!

Second Look Sunday #02

It’s that time of the week again. Time to sit down and reflect on my ‘gone well’s and ‘not gone well’s for the week. This week really has been full of ups and downs. Most of the downs relating to home and personal life – I’m not going to go into too much detail in these as they’re just a bit too private. But there’s far more gone well’s so that’s good enough for me!


  • Work organisation and planning.  I did a post earlier in the week about this. I have been really organised recently in work which has allowed me to stay on top of things. I’ve been super busy and this has made my work days go in really quickly (although the week itself seemed to drag – has anyone else experienced this?!) I’ve been feeling good about my job this week. Although it’s still really stressful at times – this level of organisation has made it all that much easier!
  • Honest communication. This week I have forced myself to be honest not only with myself, but with other people by communicating well. In the past, I’ve been afraid to speak my mind and it has caused long lasting problems. I struggle to speak up in fear of hurting someone, or even myself. However, this week I feel I have had a real achievement in this area. Communication really is so important and it truly does make all the difference. There’s still a lot more to be worked on but this is a massive step forward for me and for that, I am quite proud.
  • New Bujo! So, My bullet journal finally arrived. It has been so fun and relaxing for me sit down and start up my 2019 journal. I’m sure you’ll see more of that as time goes on.


  • Hurt. Like I said, a lot of the stuff that happened this week is very private stuff – so I can’t give too much detail. But, as you might have guessed, I feel I have been hurt this week. A few things have contributed to this, actions of others along with regrets of my own. The honesty thing has a lot to do with this – or lack of should I say. But, I feel I can work through the hurt I am feeling and in time I can heal.

It looks good to have more positives than negatives. Because quite a lot of the time I focus only on the negatives. I guess this is proof that doing this weekly really does work for me! I guess my focus for the week ahead is just continuing to be organised and stick to the plan. I need to make sure I set aside more time to blog – I didn’t achieve much of that this week! Here’s to a positive and productive week ahead!


Organisation Is Key

Most people will find this a rather boring post, unless you’re anything like me and find joy in organising and planning.

I’ve always loved organising things – I’m always thinking about how I can plan things – it’s the doing part that I find difficult. Even as I’m typing this – I’m thinking of what I need to plan for, and how I can do that. But I’m not here to talk about my to-do list…

My home life doesn’t really need much planning. I’m a single girl living alone, most of my responsibilities lie within work so that’s where most of my organising happens. Although, as I’m saying this, I realise that I do have more than I think that needs planned for at home.

Seeing as it’s a new year, I decided in work that this year I would be super organised (I always have been organised but like I say, the doing part can be a task in itself). So I’ve made a master spreadsheet (yes, I love spreadsheets) with everything that needs to be done, how often it’s done, what’s been done so far and next steps etc… It’s just so easy to glance at and see what I need to do. Without it, my brain gets overwhelmed when thinking about everything that I have to do and no plan of action to do it. This has been a life saver for me the last week or so – I’m pretty much on track so far and it’s not nearly as daunting as I thought it was.

The best part? I’ve shared it with my boss – that way if she needs to know if something has been done, when something is scheduled or even why something hasn’t been done – she can go on and have a look. In my job I need to give my boss regular updates on things and before, I found that she was often chasing me for things or wanting to know where I was at with certain tasks. This way, there’s no time wasted – she can go on and see, won’t need to bother chasing me for stuff and I can relax knowing that I’m on plan.

Life can get busy and overwhelming at times, but I promise you, if you plan effectively everything will be so much easier to handle – if you’re not much of an organisational person – I challenge you to try it – even for a few days and see the difference it makes! I’d love to hear about your own organisation and planning and share ideas!


Best Day Ever?

Someone asked me what my best day ever was.  I was unable to answer that question. It’s not that I’ve had a particularly unhappy life.  I had a great childhood and I’ve had a pretty decent life in adulthood so far. Of course there’s been some things I would rather hadn’t happened which have caused issues within the last few years.  I guess I could be considered an unhappy person to some extent these days, and I think that’s why I struggled to answer the question. I do struggle at times to think of happy times and notice the positives in things.  

So, I’ve decided that I am going to push myself to answer that question.  I want to be able to think more positively and be able to answer questions like that more easily.  And well, if I don’t try it’s just going to make it harder. I’m still struggling to think of my “best day ever”- so instead, I’m going to focus on a happy memory.  Or, memories – I don’t have one specific favourite.

Pretty much any childhood memory of mine is a happy one, but my most special ones are the ones I got to spend with my Grandad.  My Granda was my mum’s dad. My mum lived with him pretty much all her life, so we had a busy house growing up. My mum, dad, Granda, me and my younger brother all lived together.  I have a big family on my mum’s side and my aunts, uncles and cousins were always here to visit which was quite often seeing as we all lived within 5 minutes of each other. I feel pretty lucky that he lived with us.  I had a mum, dad and an extra father figure in my life, until he sadly passed away a week before my 13th birthday.

He was an amazing man, my Granda.  One of my favourite memories of him is sitting up with him late at night and he would talk and talk for hours.  He was full of stories. Stories about his own childhood, and his days in the Army and Fire Service. I’ll never forget how he’d tell the same stories time and time again, and it was always as interesting and exciting as the first time he’d told it.  He had such a long life. He was 90 years old when he passed, and right up until a few days before he died, he was still the most loving, funny and interesting man I have ever known – and that is true still to this day. He may have been 90 years old, but he was still young at heart and that was proven to me the day he was admitted to hospital and I went up to visit him.  He joked about how pretty the nurses were, and that he “still had it”.

No words can ever describe how much I adored, respected and idolised that man.  I often find myself thinking about things in my life and wondering what he’d think of the person I’ve become.  I’ve lived 13 years without him now, but I still remember him like it was last week, and I don’t think that will ever change.  I am so glad to have had him in my life and I will forever cherish the memories we shared. And if there is such a thing as heaven, or the afterlife, we will be reunited one day.


Second Look Sunday #01

Well this week’s post brings a close to the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  Unlike a lot of others, I went back to work on Wednesday this week so Christmas feels like such a long time ago already.  I guess for my second look Sunday posts I will be incorporating some of my work methods into it. In work, I regularly have to review what’s gone well and what hasn’t; this can be applied to pretty much anything and it’s a really good way to force yourself to think about what is working rather than always focusing on what needs to change.  I would urge you to try it sometime! So, let’s have a look at my first week of 2019.


  • Got back into a routine.  It did take a bit of getting used to but I managed to get back into a somewhat normal sleeping pattern.  Being off for the holidays meant I had completely no routine – I was up all night watching TV and sleeping a lot of the day.  Now I’m back in a routine, I am feeling a lot better about things and am able to function a bit better (I did have a bit of a wobble for a few days, but I think it’s under control).


  • No bujo!  As you may have read in a previous post – I have been trying to get a new bullet journal and struggled to find one in the shops.  I should’ve been more organised with this and got one in plenty of time for the new year to avoid any delays! I’m now going to be faced with the decision of whether to backtrack and start from the beginning or just to take the hit and start from now. I’ll need to consider that.
  • Fell off the weight loss wagon.  Since around October 2018 I have been putting in some effort to lose weight. For a few reasons, but mainly health and overall confidence and how I see myself.  I managed to lose 15lbs up until just before Christmas. I have gained 5lbs over the last couple of weeks. I did expect to gain some weight but it’s taking longer to get back on track than I had hoped (she says, as she’s eating a packet of skittles!).  I guess I keep telling myself that there’s no point in trying until all the treats are gone! I’m already getting back on plan though, got my food shopping done for the week and there’s not a bag of crisps or any chocolate in sight!


Veggies for days! (A week to be specific)

My theme for this year is growth; more specifically personal, career and financial growth.  Part of that personal growth I want to achieve is more confidence and self esteem. One of the things stopping me achieving this right now is the way I feel about myself.  I’m overweight and I just don’t like how I look very much.

A few months ago I started to lose weight and I plan on continuing this throughout 2019.  I don’t have a goal weight. I’ve found in the past that setting goals for weight loss just doesn’t work for me.  It always seems such a long way away and puts me off and I find myself giving up way too quickly. So, I’m just going to go week by week.  Losing a couple of lbs at a time – it really does add up sooner than you realise!

Of course, Christmas is always a time for everyone to worry about weight gain, and yes, I gained a little.  But I expected it, and so I haven’t been too hard on myself about it. I just need to make sure I get back on it and get the focus back.

So, with that in mind, today I’ve been out food shopping.  I’m working lates next week so I know I am going to have no energy to cook when I get home. I’ve bought loads of veggies to make a big pot of soup which I’ll freeze to make things easier through the week.  I’ve also bought some meat and chicken which I’ll make some meals with and freeze as well. It’s not much, but you gotta start somewhere, eh?


This Year’s Theme

A new year brings a new blog… and a new journal.  Last year was the first year I really took bullet journalling seriously, and I wasn’t too disappointed with the outcome.  The one thing I do regret however, was not choosing a theme. It made things a bit difficult to bring together and to keep focus.  So this year, I have chosen a theme. I have chosen Growth.

I want to grow in many ways, but I’ve narrowed it down to three main categories; personal growth, career growth and financial growth. As generic as they all seem, these are things that are important to me at the moment. I’ve been reflecting on last year and considered what I would like to change – and this is it.  So, as they say, 2019 is going to be my year! As I get stuck in to my journal, I’m sure I will be sharing a lot more about my goals and progress.

We’re already 5 days into the year and I haven’t even started my journal yet.  I struggled finding one! I spent a whole afternoon hunting in town but couldn’t find a decent one!  So, I had to resort to getting one online and I’m waiting for it to arrive – as soon as it’s here I will be diving straight in there, at least I have a little more prep time 🙂